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The mission of The Housing Authority of Paintsville is to be Paintsville's affordable housing choice. We provide adequate and affordable housing, economic development,. and a suitable living environment for the families we serve, without discrimination.
Our Region
You will see sites like this all over the area, you can take long walks and enjoy the beauty of Eastern Kentucky daily.
The City of Paintsville
Nestled in the mountains of Johnson County in Eastern Kentucky, Paintsville, Kentucky has been called 'The City Between The Lakes". Spectacular views serve as a picturesque backdrop for the rapidly growing city which with well over 50 attorneys, 10 CPA's and more than 300 other businesses, is the financial, industrial and retail marketplace of the county. Paintsville is host to one of the biggest festivals in the state, the nationally-known Kentucky Apple Festival. The first weekend in October, rain or shine over 100,000 people descend upon the town for a week long visit filled with food, fun and mountain music.

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Do I Qualify:
General Qualifications
The rules for eligibility vary from complex to complex, but in general you must be determined to be low income as determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) most recently published income limits. Income limits are determined by the number of individuals in the household seeking assistance. You must not have a criminal history involving violent crime or drug abuse and or alcohol abuses. You cannot owe funds to The Housing Authority of Paintsville or to any other Housing Authority. You must have a good past rental history including a good history of paying your rent on time, not disturbing your neighbors, keeping your previous homes in good condition, and leaving in good standing with your past landlords. We will run criminal history reports for verification. These are general requirements and many more specific details, obligations, and requirements must be fulfilled prior to placement or other assistance.
Important Information
Contact Information
   Phone: 606-789-1782
   Fax: 606-789-7271
 Email: paintsville_pha@bellsouth.net